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 How to choose your new shirt, remember, every member has one vote on these shirts.

1: Look at the designs

2: Lodge your vote by email to Ian Wilding,

stating option A-B or C as your preference


3: Attend the meeting at the clubhouse on the 28th of May at 10am to make your choice

Please remember this is not a political election so that vote early and often does not apply - each member has one vote so choose carefully.

Thank you Neil Lewis for this information.

 This is the text of a statement from the Board to the members present on Friday 12th May delivered by Board Member Bob Steele on behalf of the Board.

Introduction of New Club Shirt.

During the 2016/17 period of the EBC Board of Directors, there was real concern regarding the decline in club membership. At the conclusion of the 2016/17 year, our membership numbered approx 150. Whilst we have recruited some additional members over that period, it is expected that when all 2017/18 membership fees are paid, our membership may have further declined to approx 130 members. This is a real concern for the future of our club!!

As consequence, at a special meeting of the Board of Directors, some 22 ideas were put forward that were considered to be positive in attracting new members to our club. One of the EBC Board’s proposed ideas to attract new members and preferably younger members was the introduction of a new club shirt with a more modern design and colours that may be more appealing to younger potential members. These are the colours that are in our club logo and flag.

At our last Ray White sponsored Friday, the Principal of Ray White Chelsea, John Shore attended and over some after bowls drinks, the discussion got around to the Ray White logo we currently have on the men’s shirts. The result of those discussions are as follows: • The current Ray White logo is very much out of date and is not supported by the Ray White corporate marketing department. • It would be unlikely that we would receive ongoing sponsorship from Ray White should the current logos not be updated. • That sponsorship is significant and we cannot afford to lose it. • John Shore invited the club to submit to him a sample design of a new club shirt so he may consider how the new Ray White logo would fit in with the new shirt and he would make an offer to assist with the purchase of the new shirts. • John was provided with 3 random sample designs and he returned to the EBC board with the following offer:

* Ray White would provide our club with substantial contribution up front to assist with the initial purchase of a new shirts and in addition continue provide an on-going annual sponsorship

* Ray White’s logo would be placed on the back of the proposed new club shirt.

• The Board agreed that John Shore’s offer was generous and would be a significant contribution to the purchase of some 150 new shirts.

• The Board was keen to seek additional sponsors so that the entire cost would be provided from sponsorship money and that would allow the purchase of one new shirt for each member, AT NO COST TO THE MEMBERS.

As a result, our Sponsorship Committee has been very busy and they have secured sponsorship from Chelsea Travel for advertising on one sleeve of the proposed new club shirt. They have also approached Bendigo Bank to try and secure a further sponsorship for a logo on the other sleeve. This has yet to be decided on by the Bendigo Bank Aspendale Gardens Board. I understand that the Sponsorship Committee is still pursuing another sponsor.

Should there be any shortfall in the entire funding for the new shirts from sponsors the Board has agreed to fund that shortfall from the club accounts. We are hopeful that that will not be necessary.

With regard to the decisions surrounding the introduction of a new club shirt, the following decisions have been made by the EBC Board of Directors:

• A new club shirt is to be introduced in time for next pennant season.• The Board members will propose 3 different designs after a ballot process for presentation to the members. These 3 designs will be decided at a special meeting of the Board next Thursday (18th May).

 The 3 designs will then be displayed at the clubhouse and on our website as soon as they are decided.

On Sunday 28th May at 10am, there will be an “Information Meeting” held at the club to which ALL members will be invited to choose the final design via a ballot system.

• At this meeting, members will also be invited to suggest any features they may wish to have included on the new shirts, eg pockets, etc.

• The Ray White logo will be displayed on the back of the shirt and other sponsors on each sleeve.

• It is also proposed that “Edithvale” be printed on the back of the shirt above the Ray White logo.

• The new shirts will be ordered from a company called “Aceit Sports”and will be of the same material as the shirt I have with me today. If you wish to have a look at “Aceit Sports’ website, you can have a play around with some 20 designs and a combination of 3 pallets of colours.

Just some other points about this new shirt.

• It may appear that the Board is rushing into this. That is certainly not the case, this has been contemplated and carefully considered for some months now.

• There is however some need to act now rather than defer this to later in the year. Ray White are keen to have their new company logo on display and should we significantly defer this opportunity, then there is the real possibility that Ray White may withdraw their sponsorship altogether. We really can’t allow that to happen hence the need to get this underway in the next month or so.

• I reiterate that every member will receive one new shirt at no cost to the member.

• It should be noted that it is only the club shirt that is being replaced. All other club apparel remains as it is, ie. jackets, vests, slacks, shorts, skirts and caps and hats. There is no change to any of these items.

• Our current shirt still remains very usable. It can still be worn on our Uniform Fridays during the summer months or to tournaments or any other non-pennant event.

• The only compulsory requirement for members to wear the new shirt is for those members who are playing either mid-week or Saturday pennant. BowlsVic rules require all pennant players to wear the same club shirt.

• We WILL NOT be placing any further orders for the current club shirt and it is likely that any remaining stock will be offered to members at bargain basement prices.

• As some of you may be aware, we have put the sale of current shirts to members on hold in anticipation that the new shirts will be introduced

• The club will order additional shirts to hold in stock for sale should any member wish to purchase an additional new club shirt.

• All new members to our club will only be able to purchase the new shirt.

• The new club shirt will be made from the same material as the THBC shirt that I have worn on past occasions. I can assure you from personal experience that this shirt is probably the most comfortable and cool shirt I have ever worn playing bowls.

Members who are away will be able to view the designs on this website and indicate their preference by email to

Ian Wilding Executive Director 14th May 2017





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