Office Bearers 2016 - 17.

Office Bearers 2016/17


Executive Director-Ian Wilding. 9547 4528 or 0400223904

Board Secretary-Neil Lewis. 8588 1796 or 0417 839 512

Finance Officer-Diane McFarlane. 97727392 or 0416077554

Directors-Suzanne Webber, Graham Unwin, Doug Rafter, Barbara Cheshire

President Bowling Committee- Claire Baskett 97725860, 0421075928

Vice President Bowling Committee- Peter Howell 0451227320

Sponsorship-Co-ordinator, Barbara Cheshire, Committee, Heather Redpath, Terry Cheshire, Bill Dryden, Margaret Rook, Ian Thomas

Occupational Health and Safety - Suzanne Webber

Clubhouse Contents - Graham Unwin

Property Security - Doug Rafter

Social Committee- Coordinator-Jeanette Barrett, Committee, Lynne Flemming, Gail Hamilton, Robert Leitch

Bar Manager-Ian Thomas

Greens Liaison- Ian Wilding, Bob Steele

Newsletter Editor-Kevin Breen.

Website Editors- Julie Bennett 0417583598

Press Correspondent-Peter Woodbridge.

Umpires- Umpires Co-0rdinator, Glen Baskett. Umpires, Glen Baskett, Barbara Cheshire, Suzanne Webber, Glenys Gionis, Roger Williams, Margaret Gumbleton, Anne Pauligk.

Measurers- Gail Hamilton, Ann Pauligk

Club Coaches- Co-ordinator Norm Overson.

Coaches: John Bryant, Glen Baskett, Claire Baskett, Pat Sherriff, Bob Steele, Norm Lewis.

Bowling Committee

President Bowling Committee-Clire Baskett 97725860, 0421075928

Vice President Bowling Committee- Peter Howell 0451227320

Secretary, Barb Sharp 0418539657

Treasurer, Lyn Steele

Committee Members- Rob Rook, Shirley Simpson, Rae Gibbs, Greg Bourne, Bob Davies (Match Committee)

Saturday Selection Committee Chair, Jim Gumblton, 9551 9336, 0400 202 676 , 

Tuesday Selection Committee - Deb Sherry (Chair) 0410422882, Alan Cousens, Trish Eastwood, Barbara Overson, Eric Sellars

Match Committee - Bob Davies (Chair) 9587 7416, Peter Brain, Ted Elliott, Rae Gibbs, Bill Morton, Judy Munn, Ruth Rovers, Barbara Sharp, Ray Weston

Other Duties

Bowls Victoria Liason Officer - Neil Lewis

Sandbelt Region Delegates - Suzanne Webber, Glen Baskett

Maintenance, Gardenning and Safety,Committee-Bill Newman, Bill Morton Co-ordinators, John Clark, Bob Darby, Peter Brain, Bob Steele, John Bryant, Ray Smith, Alan Sedden, Geoff Pearce, Greg Bourne

Welfare Officers -Doug Rafter, Marg Burke

Catering Committee - Lyn Steele , Rae Gibbs, Betty Gaunt

Tournament Directors-Robbie Leitch. 95120045 or 0402450764

Providores-Food - margaret Rook, Cleaning Products - Margaret Burke

Trading Table - Irene Trupke, Judy Marchant, Margaret Burke