Our Yearly Program

We have a great program of Open 3 bowl Triples every Wednesday and Friday of the year. In summer we start at 12.30pm and in winter we start at 11am. All days are 2 games of 12 ends and cost $7 to enter. Its mufti all year for Wednesday’s but our summer season of Fridays bowls is played in uniform (whites).

The prize money is good but can be dependent on the no. of entries.

Afternoon tea and biscuits is provided on Friday’s and Wednesday’s where games start at 12.30pm, but for games starting at 11am, it’s your BYO lunch taken at the bell.

Friday’s are generally “Nominated” while Wednesday’s are “Club Selected” but you can enter any event as a single and be sure of getting a game if you have your name down early.

We have a jackpot day every 2nd Friday. Entry is $7.50 on these days; you can check our “Calendar” for Jackpot dates.

If our life member Frank Baguley is in attendance you can be pretty sure of being in a fan draw for the “Flowers”, he generously donates to the Club weekly. Our Raffles are also quite generous and of course, our bar prices are very reasonable.

Our Barefoot Program runs for 8 weeks over Jan/Feb and is extremely popular, but we are happy to meet and greet you anytime, and provide you with a “try out” or “free coaching”.

We currently have 4 Tuesday Sides and 6 Saturday Sides entered in Metropolitan Pennant with several in line for Finals (in 2012-13 all Midweek Sides were in the Finals, and 2 of our Saturday Sides, including our top side, made the Finals cut as well). The Pennant season usually runs from Sep –Feb with Finals extending into March.

Several tournaments are run over the summer season; you can see these in our “Tournaments” section.

Every second Sunday is a great day for a “feed” and a social bowl and our Social Calendar is absolutely bursting with all sorts of wonderful outings, holidays and “in house” events.

Most Sundays & Thursdays in-season, are also used to get through the draws of our Club Championship Matches. These events make for great viewing and are a superb way to spend a lazy day with your mates. You can gear yourself up to compete in these events, participate in Pennant, improve your skills or just “roll up” with a mate at almost anytime time or day. Coaching is FREE!!!

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